Motorcycle maintenance in Lancashire

If you looking for motorcycle maintenance in Lancashire and other parts of the nation, don’t delay to
contact the efficient team of experts at Specialised Automotive Services.

Comprehensive motorcycle servicing

Keeping a motorcycle in good-working order is integral to its performance – and your safety. We can perform servicing and maintenance checks on every kind of bike, from mopeds to superbikes. We check engine/transmission oil levels, steering and suspension, coolant, tyres, lights and horn, brakes, drive chain and any other systems that may be individually tailored for your bike.

Racetrack preparation

Serious about high-performance motorcycle riding? Make sure your bike is prepared for the racetrack by booking it in with us today! Our mechanics work out of a fully equipped body shop and all our customers receive a professional, personalised and friendly service. You can also rely on us for car modification and restoration as well as auto electrical work.

We can check

  • Accident repairs
  • Paintwork and cosmetics
  • Racetrack preparation

To arrange any of our motorcycle services,
call Specialised Automotive Services today.


For expert motorcycle maintenance and services at affordable prices, call us today on 01282 776 081 or 07377 148 890